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3rd-Jan-2010 12:39 am - Happy new year!
伊藤 潤二 monster
Happy new year everyone!
It has been very quiet around here and I'm not sure if I'll be able to change that soon.
But I'm planning to change the layout soon and some icons are already done too :D
With this:


Everyone can request icons/layoutheader/banner or whatever they want!
Please don't throw bad quality pictures on me saying I should just do anything with it. XD
Okayish pictures and clear requests please!

Thanks for reading!
29th-Oct-2009 07:16 pm - Icon-Entry #32
伊藤 潤二 monster
[24] Aoi Yuu
[29] Chiaki Kuriyama
[06] Haruma Miura
[44] Koji Seto
[12] Osamu Mukai

[46] A.N.Jells (Jang Geunsuk/Hongki) // F.T Island (Seunghyun/Hongki)

[03] A fine frenzy
[75] Stock



BTW!! Photobucket kind of reduces the quality of my icons after some time (no idea why), anyone knows how to avoid that?D:
24th-Aug-2009 12:32 am - Icon-Entry #31
伊藤 潤二 monster
[45] Miura Haruma
[96] Random Stock


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17th-Aug-2009 07:35 pm - Recruiting new members~!
伊藤 潤二 monster
Because my two other iconmakers are kind of busy I think it's time to give other icon-artists the chance of being part in my community!
I will accept up to 3 new members, so post your applications if your interested!!

1. Post 5-10 icons you made.
2. Your fandom (and/or the major themes of your icons).
3. Your name, age and where you live~!

If you will be picked as a member you
- don't need to post regularly, just whenever you want
- will have the possibility to be a maintainer and change some things
- will bring some fresh air in here and expand the fandoms

I hope there will be some interesting people~!
Thank you for reading!

Comments screened.
16th-Aug-2009 01:55 am - Icon-Entry #30
伊藤 潤二 monster
[33] F.T Island
[10] Oguri Shun
[16] Stock


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And I made a Seunghyun wallpaper for my netbook. The size is a little different but if someone wants it in their size I can try and fix it :3!

Please follow the rules and join to make us happy!

Credit: kerydwen, weheartit.com, soompi
1st-Aug-2009 08:08 pm(no subject)
伊藤 潤二 monster
{09} Anna Tsuchiya
{16} Sweets
{10} Random Stock
{06} Fairy themed
{05} Umbrellas
{02} Animals


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29th-Jun-2009 08:33 pm - Icon-Entry #28
伊藤 潤二 monster
[07] Tetsuji Tamayama
[26] Sweet : Cupcakes, Candy etc
[09] Animals
[04] Jewelry
[10] Random Stock


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8th-Jun-2009 08:31 pm - Icon-Entry #27
伊藤 潤二 monster
This time is GIRLS-TIME~!

[19] Yuu Aoi
[14] Yuriko Yoshitaka
[09] Maki Horikita
[03] Nana Eikura


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14th-Feb-2009 12:37 am - Icon-Entry #26
伊藤 潤二 monster
Believe it or not, we're alive. Or at least I am. 8D
Here to share some icons~

[28] Jang Geunsuk
[07] Zhou Xun
[17] Stock (food, flowers, random)


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8th-Dec-2008 02:54 pm - · Icon-Entry #25
true love
And a new Icon-Batch :)
Enjoy it ♥~


[35] Gackt
[05] Hizaki (Versailles)
[16] Lee Junki
[16] JJ Lin
[05] Alice Nine
[12] An Cafe
[21] 12012

Total Icons: 110

Wanna look? ;)Collapse )
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